Heroic Australian Women in War

Astonishing tales of bravery from Gallipoli to Kokoda

Heroic Australian Women in WarNancy Wake remarked: 'The exploits of Australia's women at war have been sadly neglected for years.’ Yet women have suffered, strengthened and defied fear in extraordinary acts of bravery.

In this inspiring book, Susanna de Vries profiles the love, dedication and selflessness, of eleven outstanding Australians over the course of two world wars ‑ from Olive King, who saved countless lives in the war-ravaged Balkans, although she lost her heart; to Gallipoli nurse Alice Kitchen, who also served in France; to Vivian Bullwinkel, who survived the Bangka Island Massacre only to face more than three years watching her colleagues die as a Japanese prisoner of war and her ‘Paradise Road’ colleagues, Sisters Betty Jeffrey and Queenslanders Sylvia Muir and Joice Tweddell..

Focusing not only on the astounding courage they displayed amid death and chaos but also on the triumphs and pain of their personal lives, Susanna reveals how these women were as influential and heroic in civil life as they were in war.

Olive King Dr Agnes Bennett
Dr Lilian Cooper Sister Alice Kitchen
Joice NanKivell Loch Sister SyIvia Muir
Sister Vivian Bullwinkel Sister Joyce Tweddell
Sister Betty Jeffrey Mavis Parkinson
Sister May Hayman  

The book and e-book include an abridged version of the life of Joice Loch whose full biography Blue Ribbons Bitter Bread is available from Dennis Jones Associates of Melbourne and will be an e-book towards the end of 2012.