Females i\on the fatal shoreNell Tritton, daughter of the owner of Tritton's, Brisbane first department store, was determined to embrace a life of adventure after her siblings died in the 1919 Spanish flu pandemic. Nell became Brisbane's first female journalist., won prizes for rally driving before moving to Paris to perfect her French. Under very romantic circumstances Nell fell in love with a penniless Tsarist officer but divorced when he turned out to be a fortune hunter. Nell's spy novel To Moscow with Love, with the background of the 1918 Lockhart plot to kill Lenin was deemed too dangerous to publish as the British government were determined to cover up the failed plot.

Nell became press secretary/ translator to the charismatic former Russian Prime Minister, Alexander Kerensky, editor of an anti-Communist, anti-Hitler newspaper. Nell's driving skills saved her husband from Stalin's assassins in a harrowing car chase through the narrow streets of Montparnasse. She married Kerensky in secret in America with Stalin l trying to assassinate them. They returned to France just as the Germans invaded Paris..Escaping south German planes bombed their car and once again Nell saved her husband's life. They returned n to New York where they were treated like royalty but she suffered kidney damage as a result of drinking polluted water on their nightmare escape from Paris. They returned to Brisbane where Nell died surrounded by her loving family and Kerensky became a professor in America.

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Born in London, with Scottish and Irish roots, Susanna de Vries studied art history in Paris and as a student lived in the same street in Montparnasse as Nell had lived twenty years earlier. . Susanna has written extensively on heroic women and as a friend lives in the former Tritton's house she felt she had to write e Nell's biography which has taken four years to research and write. The story of Nell Tritton is the last in Susanna's award-winning biographies of outstanding Australian women.

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